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Crafting things has always been my personal ground zero. The number one activity, that allowed me to clear my head from problems of everyday life.
It was mid 2016, when I started to share my DIY Video Projects along with in depth instructions online.
At this time I decided to produce an athmospheric video about a DIY and submitted it to an international contest.
It was my DIY Bullet Headphones project and it managed to win one out of three FIRST prices.
From this moment on I knew, that I would share more of my future projects.
To sepereate myself from other Youtube Channels, I decided to make quality content my number one priority.
Two more Projects managed to win in internation DIY contests scince then.
There is no commercial interest in my videos and they have been created to dieliver my Subscribers the best content, I can possibly achive. If you appreciate it consiter donating a small amount via Patreon.
Rideable Entertainment

Want me to edit your Projects?

3D Logo Animations

Personal 3D animation with stunning camera perspectives

Product Photo- & Videography

Gain some attention for your products with an athmospheric video

Video Cutting

Get a professional Cut for your videos, to step up the quality of your projects

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